Margaree River Hiking In Cheticamp Skyline Trial

Take a break and relax on the world-famous Margaree River. Let the currents carry you downstream as you dip your toes in the river. Keep your eyes peeled for salmon, bald eagles, and the occasional otter.



Ground transport will guide you from Live Life In Tents HQ to our launch point on the river. Prepare for a drift downstream in our canvas-wrapped tubes. Upon completing your adventure on the Margaree, you will be transported back to your vehicles.

Please be aware that you will get wet, as you will be on a river and we remind people to not bring any personal items they would not like lost. Please also note that this is not a guided tour and that you are on a river and there are risks associated with being on any body of water. On-river times may vary from 1.5 - 2hrs +/- due to many variables such as weather, water levels, and your group.

You will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to booking and be required to sign said waiver before renting the tube and getting on the river.

*Please note there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding bringing alcoholic beverages on the river & we will not be renting extra tubes to carry belongings. 

*We do not allow any non-backing footwear (flip flops, slip-ons, etc) on the river as of Aug 2021 to minimize lost items and waste while on the river. Water shoes, crocs (with back strap), sneakers, or similar are suitable but feel free to go barefoot if you like.

**Minimum age requirement of 6. All individuals under the age of 19 are required to have parental consent. 

PFDs are provided


  • $30.00 per tube per person.

  • $25.00 per tube for groups of 10 or more.

  • View our cancellation policy here